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Core 4 efforts
  • RedHat? install - from public code-base - dpetzel, rmatte 4/2
    • running into simple errors right now
  • Ubuntu install - from public code-base - dpetzel, rmatte 4/2
    • same simple errors as above
  • .deb package creation - dpetzel, rmatte, nyeates, bigegor (?) 4/2
    • not started, will get info from Simon if he has started 4/2

ZCA Funding
  • Paypal-based funding pending - jmp242, hackman238 4/2
  • $475 donated to ZCA thus far - hackman238 4/2
  • Want $1k-2k in order to complete a funded ZP

Role-based security ZenPack? from Jane

ZCA NPO Status
  • Wont happen 4/2
    • need 8+ people in US and legal complications

Matching and Contracting Updates
  • Matching of vendors who need services, and those who can provide them
  • Portal features?

Revised Contrib Agreement Status
  • No longer needed
    • New method of contributing code on github, means that zenoss does not host code.
    • No contrib agreement needed to publish

ZCA Github account
  • X
  • X Assign owners
  • Assign teams
  • X Start using - put some zenpacks there
  • Define which ZenPacks? should fall under ZCA, which do not (do not want to overpopulate)
  • Have Zenoss Inc acknowledge ZCA ZenPacks? by including these into the submodule repo
  • Directions on how to publish to ZCA github acct - especially useful for accepting ZPs from those who are non-developers
  • Advise anyone to send publishable ZenPacks? to ??

Define Other Dev efforts
  • None for now

4.x ZenPack? Conversion
  • Test handful of ZPs
  • Start certifying ZPs
  • Work with Chets Continuous Integration setup for this
  • Consider conversion contest
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